We help agencies integrate BI solutions within business process. This can be done using data visualization, analytics, dashboards, and reporting.

Integrated BI does not work as a standalone application, it leverages data from all the other systems and provides relevant information to the business users. Since it integrates data from all the sources, it presents a single picture of the data without any distortion.

Integrating BI into existing applications allows organizations to integrate data analytics, visualization, and insights within their applications more effectively. BI in general also improves insights and metric reporting as it can work with multiple data sources.

With the KPIs and other actionable insights available directly in the business applications, managers can make quicker and better strategic decisions.

Effective Data Insights

Typically, businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to make decisions without relying on outside specialists. The use of embedded BI is permanently changing how they make these decisions by eliminating the need to leave their current systems. Incorporation

Improved Business Performance

BI can significantly enhance an organization’s business performance by integrating operations with analytics. This capability allows application users to analyze data and take immediate action on their results.

Placing BI into applications allows users to make better decisions by combining insights into data with corrective action. It enables applications to leverage analytics as part of their standard workflow, rather than a separate process.