Gilbert Gyampong, Founder, President

Gilbert is a seasoned data scientist with over 15 years of business experience. He is in charge of the overall direction of the company and provides leadership in data strategies. His knowledge and expertise of the region gives him an edge in understanding the dynamics of the continent.

Prior to AfriBI Gilbert worked in South Africa for the Dept. of Education and in USA, he worked with a premium Financial Institutions.

You can either find Gilbert playing soccer or digging into the data.

With AfriBI Gilbert desires to give back to the region with his talent and vast knowledge.

Chandraish Sinha, Head of Global Business

Master’s in Computer Science. Chandraish Sinha is a Business Intelligence (BI) expert. He has implemented multiple large and medium scale BI solutions.
He is passionate about data and explores applications that provide better data insights. He is also the founder/President of Ohio Computer Academy, a premier educational institution in United States.

At AfriBi, Chandraish takes care of all data visualization needs across different clients. He is also responsible for providing direction in terms of imparting Information Technology (IT) training and education.

Chandraish is also a prolific writer and has authored some 9 books on Business Intelligence. He also shares his knowledge through his blogs which can be found at and

Virendra Nath, Head of Training

Virendra Nath is an Adjunct Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Professor Nath teaches Concise Financial Literacy  and portfolio management that has nuances of portfolio/ asset management.

Virendra Nath is also the founder of APC Partners Limited a Hong Kong regulated private equity fund managers that manages a number of private equity funds. He has served in the finance and banking industry for close to three decades specializing in   investment banking and asset management.

Virendra Nath will spear head our group training and development with a practical approach to help governmental organizations adopt a more hands on approach to making data driven financial decisions.